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My Trial By Fire

"And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God." Zechariah 13:9

The journey God set me on to complete this 2nd album was one of deep pain. There is much to say and I hope I can express here the journey I took while writing these songs. Songs 6 and 7 are of my father Max Allison, when he went to Nashville, NT many years ago. He has since went on to be with the Lord April 2018. I wanted you to see just some of where my love for music stems from.  What I have learned thus far in this “musical journey” God started me on at the age of 14 (34 years ago as of 2018) is that He has never left me, and many times He has had to carry me through many “trials by fire”.  I am humbled by His grace, love and mercy He has bestowed upon me as I continue to walk with Him into the wilderness from my own “Exodus  Departure”.

My Continuing Journey

Where do I even start to express what all is going through my mind and heart as far as this 2nd album and where it comes from?  This period of my life from the end of my 1st album to the completion of the 2nd album has been a “Trial By Fire” for me. I have to briefly bring to your attention a phenomena called “The Mandela Effect”. It can also be called “The Quantum Effect”.  Please take great caution if you are not aware of what this is! Go to the Father in prayer about even researching what this is, if you have not heard of it. After many hours of research, I believe this is some form of witchcraft and as believers, we are to have no part in this. My personal story is this: At the end of May I saw something about the Mandela Effect and that was the start of my fall into what I call “Mandela Hell”.  There are those that are deceiving thousands of Christians online, that claim to remember companies, books, products that have been called or spelled one way, but the false teaching of parallel universes, Quantum D Wave computers said to have went back in time and changed these things, says it is something different in "our current reality". This is nothing but lies from our enemy Satan, as there is no mention of such "parallel universes and alternate realities" in our Scriptures. The most grievous part, is the “claimed changes” to our bibles. The most serious attack is against the KJV bible. Verses you had memorized as a child appear to be no longer printed as such. This is nothing but an attack on the mind, and the false memories we all have from time to time. This is where I feel personally, it falls into the realm of witchcraft, Satanism and the Occult. Believers in Jesus Christ are not to dabble into such things, and we have a promise in Psalm 12:6-7 about God preserving His Word forever.  We know we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but those powers of wickedness in high places. Please have no part of this “Mandela Effect!”

Please take caution even researching this “effect”. God pulled me out after 3 months and after more research, I am exposing this witchcraft to the best of my ability. Please see my personal testimony of how God delivered me out of this false religion cult here.

Because 2 of the songs God gave me during these 3 months I was drowning in this “effect”, I had to give a brief description of what this is. It is not my intention to sway any believers faith in His Word. I now stand in faith that Yahweh will not, and has not allowed His written Word to be tampered with. It is a choice to stand in faith about His Written Word. My testimony is in a playlist on "The Mandela Effect", and I fully explain what God has shown me concerning this subject.

The History Behind the Songs

Now I will share a little of where each song comes from.

1. Your Love Will See Me Through-This was the 1st song I wrote on the 2nd album and it comes from deep pain caused by someone close to me and my calling to get back into singing. God was able to take that pain and transform it into a song.

2. Trial by Fire (A Song of Job)-I wrote this song just shortly before finding out about the Mandela Effect. Little did I know just what a comfort this song would be to me and all those who see these “effects”. This song can be for all trials of life, but this song is very specific to my walk in the shadows of the Mandela Effect.

3. Eyes to See-This was the last song written for the album. This song is based on the Mandela Effect and the people hurting so deeply over the Mandela Effect. This song is for all of those people suffering.

4. Yahweh’s Blessing (Priestly Blessing)-Written at a time I was in deep pain over my father's failing health. He was on hospice and I took care of him until he passed this April 2018. This is a song of hope that we have a God who loves us all so very deeply.

5. Tie Your Dream to Mine-I recreated this song for my father and I. I sung this song with him as a duet when he had his own Country Western Band “Simply Country”. This is a very special song between me and my father.

6. Kern River (Max Allison My Father)-He recorded this song about 1993 in Nashville, TN and wanted to include his music on my next album

7. Just Call Me Lonesome (Max Allison My Father)-the 2nd song he recorded in Nashville, TN. My father touched so many lives. I hope his 2 songs will touch yours.

Special Thanks

I have to first thank my Heavenly Father & His Son Jesus Christ for never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself. To my children-Robert Jr, Joshua my stepson, Jordan & Jonathan. You all supported your Mama & this dream. I love you all. To my husband, who never stood in the path that God was leading me on-I love you. For my dad, (who is now with the Lord) who through his own love of music, played country music live for 30 years. His love of music is what stemmed my own love for music. To my father in law, for supporting me & taking all the studio pictures. To my mother in law-you always loved me, even when I wasn’t so lovable. To my brother in law Chris, who helped me with the technical areas of production of the CD’s. To my sister Scianna, for the countless songs you preserved & for telling me about the online studio. For my mother, who went home to be with Jesus June 10, 2017-you have always been my role model. You always loved me, even when I was “less than you deserved in a daughter”. Last but not least, is my former studio producer Daryl Woods (Torch 1 Blazin) for all the hours & kindness you have given me to get these songs recorded. You are the one Yahweh had in mind, to start this journey anew and to continue walking down. Thank you so much.

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