Wendy Mitchell's Musical Journey continues on the "Trial by Fire" CD. 7 songs which includes 2 songs from her father Max Allison that has never been released before now. You will receive the physical CD as well as your choice in scent for an 8 oz Lotion Treasure Candle. A treasure is buried inside each lotion candle we make. As you spend time with Yahweh, simply light your lotion candle. Let burn about 20 minutes and then you can dip your finger into the wax pool and apply to the skin as a soothing lotion. Made with all natural soy wax, it has proven helpful in soothing many skin conditions. Free shipping applies with coupon code "trial" at checkout.

Trial by Fire Gift Package-CD & 8 oz Lotion Treasure Candle/Incl S/H

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  • This is for a physical CD of Wendy Mitchell's newest album "Trial by Fire" and an 8 oz lotion treasure candle. Free shipping applies with the coupon code "trial". This includes 7 songs as well as songs never released to the public by Max Allison, Wendy's father.

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