***Note-Oils Not Incl***
This is for 10-2 inch perfume bottles I sell the oils you can put in your perfume bottles. Use the dauber to apply to your neck, wrist & any where else you want to smell lovely!

The story of the Egyptian perfume bottles dates back thousands of years. Each one is hand blown & etched right in Cairo upon order. Etched Pyrex glass decorative perfume bottles with floral designs. Mixed Colors Red , Green, Yellow , Blue , Violet and more.

Endless Tears
"When a warrior was about to go into battle, he would present the woman whom he would take as his wife upon his return, a small teardrop shaped glass bottle. He would be gone for months or even years, & while he was away, she would cry her tears for him into the bottle he gave her. Upon his return, she was to present her teardrop bottle to him. If her tears could be found inside the tiny bottle he would know her love for him was true, but if it was empty he would know she never loved him and he would walk forever".

Set of 10- 2 " Egyptian Perfume Bottles"

  • ***Note***Please check the shipping fee guidelines, to determine the correct shipping option for you order. If you have questions as to what shipping option to choose, please email 1st before you checkout and pay.

    The picture is a general idea of the bottle style, color and shape. Due to each one being made by hand, there is not "an exact" photo avail. No color selection is allowed. A variety of all colors will be sent. I sell the fragrance oils you can use in my store separately.

  • You must notify me within 3 days of receipt of your product and attach a photo of the damaged item. Please allow extra time for shipment of your item from Egypt.

We offer wholesale pricing-please email for more details on pricing.


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