Soy Lotion Treasure Candle
This is a special candle that I have put in each of my candles a treasure that you burn to find. It could be jewelry or other small trinkets.

If you have never tried one of my lotion candles, YOU MUST.
Treat yourself with your own pampered spa.

This is for 1-8 oz lotion treasure candle. These are handmade by me, and are perfect for gifts or to keep and pamper yourself. Some of the benefits of these lotion candles are:

*Goes on like a warm massage oil
*I have over 400 scents to choose from. you chose the. I ask you give me 3-4 alt choices.
*double scented
*scent lingers for hours
*Just burn 20-30 min before use to make sure enough wax has been melted to apply.
*Instant healing to dry cracked hands/feet
*It is wonderful for the entire body too.
*I have been told my candles are good for several skin conditions.
*All natural soy wax that burns cleaner than paraffinlar
*You can also just burn them and not apply to your skin- these are regular candles.

8 oz Lotion Treasure Candle-Treasure In Every One

  • ***Note***Please check the shipping fee guidelines, to determine the correct shipping option for you order. If you have questions as to what shipping option to choose, please email 1st before you checkout and pay.

    I use a variety of diff shaped candle jars depending on what I have in stock. Also note the size is by weight and not by volume.

    Please chose a few scents from the list under fragrance oils from the home page. Incl your scent choices in your payment notes, or send me an email. This is made with 100% soy and is very good for the skin.

  • I will replace in cases due to damage in shipping. You must notify me within 3 days of receipt of your product and attach a photo of the damaged item. If you do not choose a scent selection at checkout, I will choose a nice scent for you. No refunds for scents that I am forced to choose for you. Any problems, please just email me.