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This Is Your New Beginning

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.  Isaiah 43:20

I want to thank you for allowing me to share my heartaches, healing and joy sung through these songs on my latest album. I am humbled by God’s grace, love and forgiveness. It is my only hope and desire, that through these songs God gave me over these last 7 months since January 2017, that it will touch and bless your heart.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have a testimony you wish to share, or would like me to come share at your congregation. It is my firm belief, that we are to uphold, encourage and love one another, with the love of our Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Again, thank you for allowing me into your life and home.

A Special Dedication

This album started out January 2017 and I knew the name was to be “New Beginnings” but had no idea where my life would be taken and the very hard road I would walk down, and honestly still walking down.  This album is dedicated to the one woman who was and will always be my role model in life-my mother Irene Allison.  She passed away June 10, 2017 after a 3 month battle with Pancreatic Cancer. We found out March 13, 2017 she had cancer, and 3 months later she went home to be with the Lord. We had three months with her and we all cherished this time with her. March 27, 2017 we gave here a “Celebration of Life” party after she came home from the hospital. It was at that party, I presented her the song I wrote “I Am Blessed-A Song for My Mother”. She then had to return to the hospital when she contracted MRSA and from there, she went to the nursing home. She was in the nursing home for 2 months and then Jesus called her home. To say this has been easy would be a lie, but I continue to put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ, as she had done. It was 2 days before she went home to Jesus, that the words to the song “New Beginnings” came to me. It was then that I understood the title of this album God gave me back in January. It was to be her “New Beginning” in her eternal home. She served the Lord her entire life and taught all her children and grandchildren the truth of who Jesus Christ really is.  This is also a new beginning for me and my family as well. We all are given new beginnings in our lives, and we need to boldly move forward to where God would lead us.  I miss my mom every single day, but know she ‘s home with Jesus and is not suffering anymore. I love you mom.

The History Behind the Songs

I will start with sharing the history of where each song  comes from. 

1.Daddy’s Here-the music was written by my good friend and brother in the Lord Steven Fowler back in 2010. Another mutual friend of ours shared the music with me, and I fell in love with the melody and asked permission to write the words and tune to the song. He granted permission as well as to record and include on this album. I dedicated this to my husband and his son Joshua. Thank you so much Steven for allowing me to write and record to your beautiful music.

2. The Good Shepherd-The dragon represents very specific aspects I have encountered in my fight against The Mandela Effect, and being a "watchmen" protecting His sheep from the dragon, we know to be Satan. It also inspired me to write a short story that is also included on this album.

3.Deeper Confide-The words were written by another friend of mine–Rory Lennon and I got permission to put his words to a melody and then I created the music for the song. The story he felt was based around Joseph and Mary the mother of Jesus and their journey to bring into this world our promised Messiah. Thank you so much Rory for allowing to put your poem to a  song.

4. I Am Blessed-A Song for My Mother-written after we received the news she had Pancreatic Cancer. This was presented to her, at her “Celebration of Life” party March 27, 2017. This was the best gift I knew to give her, that expressed just what she has always meant to me, my entire life.

5.Mama’s Here-The same tune, words and music as “Daddy’s Here” by Steven Fowler, with a change in the words to “mama’s here” for my son Jordan Rogers.

6. I’ll Be Here-Written for my best friend and sister in the Lord who had gone through some hard trials and was hurt deeply by another person. God gave me the words to this song over a year ago, and wouldn't have me produce it until His perfect timing.

7. Accuser of the Brethren-Written from personal experience in this area, when Satan comes in to accuse you and your sins that are forgiven before the throne of God.

8. New Beginnings-The words to this song were written 2 days before my mother passed away. I wanted a song that expresses the cycles of grief we all go through. It is only when we completely surrender to Him, can He begin to show us the bigger picture. This was to be my mothers “New Beginning” into her eternal life with Jesus Christ.

9. The Good Shepherd and the Dragon-Short Story With closing song of “The Good Shepherd”.  The dragon represents very specific aspects I have encountered in my fight against The Mandela Effect, and being a "watchmen" protecting His sheep from the dragon, we know to be Satan. Inspiration for this short story comes from several sources. My own book I wrote co-written by my sister Scianna Crista, Frank Peretti's "The Oath" and the youtube channel "Link Calico" for a short story written Jan 2017 called "The Watchmen and the Shepard". Combining all 3 is where my song "The Good Shepherd" and this story was birthed. The point of this short story, is no matter how far away you go from Jesus, when you truly belong to Him, He will come find you and bring you home-back to His land of safety.


Special Thanks

I have to first thank my Heavenly Father & His Son Jesus Christ for never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself. Again, to my mother for always being there for me, even when I wasn't an easy child to deal with. She has always been my role model. Now she is with Jesus but I still feel she is allowed to watch over me still. To my children-Robert Jr, Joshua my stepson, Jordan & Jonathan. You all supported your Mama & this dream. I love you all. To my husband, who never stood in the path that God was leading me on-I love you. For my dad, (who is now also with the Lord), who through his own love of music, is what stemmed my own love for music. To my father in law, for supporting me & taking all the studio pictures. To my mother in law-you always loved me, even when I wasn’t so lovable. To my sister Scianna, for the countless songs you preserved & for telling me about the online studio. To Steven Fowler, who allowed me to use his beautiful piece of music to write the songs “Daddy’s Here” and “Mama’s Here”. Thank you always for your love and support. To Davan, who shared Steven’s song with me that fateful day. Thank you for the friendship and the hours upon hours of research you have done to help fight “The Mandela Effect”. He also went on to be with the Lord Jan 2018. To Rory Lennon, for allowing me to use his poem “Deeper Confide” and to be able to turn it into a wonderful song. Your poetry and music is beautiful. To my best friend and sister in the Lord, Ricki, thank you for all the times you put up with my “dummy spits”, and was just there when I needed to vent. I love you all so dearly. Last but not least, is my former studio producer Daryl Woods (Torch 1 Blazin) for all the hours & kindness he had given me to get these songs recorded that completed my 3rd album. Thank you so much.

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Wendy Mitchell-New Beginnings Physical CD


New Beginnings Gift Package-CD and 8 oz Lotion Candle/Incl S/H

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New Beginnings Gift Package-CD and 8 oz Lotion Candle/Incl S/H

$20.00Regular Price$18.00Sale Price

New Beginnings Music Videos

Daddy's Here

Deeper Confide

Mama's Here

Accuser of the Brethren

The Good Shepherd

I Am Blessed-A Song For My Mother

I'll Be Here

New Beginnings

The Good Shepherd & The Dragon-A Short Story

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