Beauty Inside & Out

Sooth the senses for both the body and the mind as you let the tensions of the day melt away.

Music for the mind and soul, and healing, aroma therapy products for the body - a perfect combination!

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Music For the Mind

Listen to what others are saying about Lorraine's music!


Afshin Yaghtin – editor of Saved Magazine – ″It’s His words backing up the scriptures. It’s all Jesus Christ.”


Gary B Sullivan of Christian Heavy Metal Band “Sovereign Cross” – “You did a great job.”


Cherie Corbello-Bechan – “Beautiful And Flawless!! Amazing collaboration!”

Aroma Therapy for the Body

The mind and body are connected-you take care of one, you take care of both!


Lotion Candle Collection - burn like a candle, apply as a lotion. All-natural soy moisturizes and heals the skin.


Bath & Body Wellness - from moisturizing & healing body butter, turmeric pain cream & oils, to goat's milk handcrafted soaps, there is something for everyone.


Endless Fragrances - with close to 400 different scents to choose from, you are the master designer of your aromatherapy products.

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So, enter your name and email address below, to receive your free music and product coupon for 25% off. Then, as you use her healing bath and body products, and take in the wonderful aromas, along with her uplifting & encouraging music, you will feel the stress and tension of the world’s troubles melt away.