Wendy Mitchell-Biography






I wanted to take the time to share where these songs come from. Three decades is quite a span of time, and to be honest, I never thought my dream of having a full album with my own songs would ever happen, let alone 3 finished albums as of August 2017. No, I was never offered a contract from the big Christian recording companies, but I am more than content with where God has placed me in this life. I am the daughter of our King Messiah Jesus Christ, 1st and foremost, and then I am a wife and a mother.  I do know that God has a plan for my life. I do not know where He is taking me with this ”musical journey,” but do know, He can not use me if I do not open my mouth and sing. 


I never really learned to play any instruments, other than a few years of piano when I was younger. The first 4 songs on my 1st album "Love's Creation", I was able to have put to music over 20 years ago. After that, I moved out of state, and never found anyone to put the rest of my songs to music. So they remained “Acapella Style” until now. My sister told me about an online program, that allowed me to compose my own music. That was a challenge for me, having no experience composing music. Most songs were not always in the right chord progression, during certain parts of the song in this program. So I had to pray-a lot, so I could learn what the different chords were, and then to be able to find the correct chords and change the song. I completed 7 songs in 2 1/2 weeks, for my 1st album, and that was all God. He allowed me the comprehension to be able to do this. This is what I call “A God thing!” As for me, in and of myself, I could never have been able to do this, if He did not have a plan and purpose in all of this.


I had not sung for almost 20 years, and buried this talent in the ground. In Aug of 2014 I found a wonderful congregation, and God put that fire back inside to sing for Him again. In Jan 2015 I sung the song “Heal the Wound” by Point of Grace as my testimony song at this congregation. I had given up the hope of ever singing again, (as well as putting out an album of my songs) and just gave up, due to a personal tragedy in my life. I lost my middle son to a custody battle to my ex husband 10 years ago. The pain of that loss stole what was most important in my life. I am so glad that when I had given up on myself, God never gave up on me. In 2018 God restored my son back to me and he is now living with me and is a senior in H.S. and will be graduating June 2019. I am now living for “such a time as this”.  He really does bind up our wounds and heals our broken hearts-if we will only allow Him into our hearts and lives.


I have since completed my 2nd album "Trial by Fire" which several songs relate to the cult I found myself in for 3 months during the summer of 2016, called "The Mandela Effect" which claims Satan by the Quantum DWave Computer went back and changed every bible, every original scroll all the way back to their writing. God pulled me out of that deception and I have come out with my testimony to being involved in this cult as a way to help bring others out. It isnt I who brings them out, but Jesus Christ. So, the songs "Trial by Fire" and "Eyes to See" reflect this very difficult time when I was in this cult, but praise God, I was fully delivered, my mind restored and I stand on the truth of His never ending, never changing Word. During this time when my 2nd album was released and in the making of it, my father got very ill and had to go to a nursing home for 5 months. We were told he would not live out the end of 2016. Well, God had other plans for him and he came back home Feb 28, 2017. we had 13 more months with my father and then Jesus took him home to be with Him April 2018. On the "Trial by Fire" album, are 2 songs my father Max Allison wrote when he was in Nashville, Tn over 30 years ago. These are a very rare treat and got permission to put on my album. "Eyes to See", "Trial by Fire" I have made as a free download forever for anyone who wishes to have it.

My 3rd album "New Beginnings" I finished with 9 songs August 1st which includes a short story behind the song "The Good Shepherd".  "The Good Shepherd" and the short story "The Good Shepherd and the dragon" is based off my song "The Good Shepherd". The song "The Good Shepherd" plays at the very end of the story. The dragon represents very specific aspects I have encountered in my fight against The Mandela Effect, and being a "watchmen" protecting His sheep from the dragon, we know to be Satan. I have not written a story for over 25 yrs, and I also will be looking into publishing this short story in the near future.
Inspiration for this short story comes from several sources. My own book I wrote co-written by my sister Scianna Crista, Frank Peretti's "The Oath" and the youtube channel "Link Calico" for a short story written Jan 2017 called "The Watchmen and the Shepard". Combining all 3 is where my song "The Good Shepherd" and this story was birthed. My hopes is one day soon, I can also publish this short story in book form. God willing, it will happen in His perfect timing. My hope, is the Good Shepherd which is Jesus Christ, will be glorified in all things, and people will draw every closer to Him through this short story. I made "The Good Shepherd" and "New Beginnings" available as a free download for anyone who wishes to have these songs.

I also lost my mother to Pancreatic Cancer during the making of this 3rd album, so this album is dedicated in memory of the woman who was and will always be my role model. I wrote 2 songs during the 3 months she found out about the cancer "I Am Blessed-A Song for My Mother" and "New Beginnings". She found out about the cancer March 13, 2017 and went home to be with the Lord June 10, 2017. We had 3 months with her, but we didn't waste a day. We gave her a celebration of life party end of March, when I presented the song "I Am Blessed-A Song for My Mother" and she was able to have her final wish. To have Outback Steakhouse with all her family. We brought the food to the nursing home and she ate more that night, than she had the previous 6 months. Less than 2 weeks later, she would be taken home, to her eternal home. All her grandsons were with her for "Outback Night" and it was a wonderful, wonderful time. I miss her every single day, but know she is safe in the Heavenly Father's hands. Here story and journey of cancer is on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/wendymitchell1 under the playlist "My Mother and Father and Related Videos"

Several days after loosing my father, I went back into the studio to start my 4th album "The Return of the King". The Lord led me to a Christian musician who was also a studio engineer and he helped me complete the song "Deliver Us". He gave me one of his CD's from his group "Sovereign Cross" and 2 songs struck me so strongly, that I asked if I could do a professional cover of them. He said yes, so the 2nd and 3rd songs on the 4th album are "Holy Lord" and "Jesus Fill Us". Holy Lord was what I felt led to play at my father's memorial service after he went home to be with the Lord. The 4th song "The Wolf & The Lamb" is almost finished, and another wonderful man God brought into my life Danny Childress, is helping with the production and recordings of "The Wolf & the Lamb" as well as other songs he helped to master edit and mix for the album. The most recent release is one he wrote specifically for this album that is just now finished entitled "The Return of the King (We Are Going Home)" where he is featured in vocals. It has been added to the online album and it is also a free download.

My only wish with my music, is that Jesus would speak to the hearts of His people, and those who will become His child. Music, when giving glory, honor and praise to Jesus Christ, can be used as worship, spiritual warfare, prayer and healing. My hope is my songs do all of these. Thank you for taking the time to read this autobiography. It doesn't stop here, as this "musical journey" is still being walked out. This is just where I am at on this journey currently.